IPI Installations has over the years become highly experienced and proficient in the erection of both brick and steel structures. IPI Installations offers all the additional essential services such as the pipe work and electrical installations, engineering and steel fabrication to meet any client’s requirements.

The company was founded by Martin Davidson whose vision for service excellence has catapulted the company to where it is today. Together with Mark Butchart, they have over the years since IPI Installations’ inception, assembled a select team of highly skilled engineers, designers and artisans who together first create and then develop these various structures.

Increasingly, companies within South Africa are under pressure to expand their businesses to accommodate the surging industrial growth. IPI Installation’s success and exceptional growth over the years can also be attributed to its focus on maintaining outstanding before and after-sales service for all its clients. If you require quality and excellence to be delivered with the utmost professionalism on time critical projects, then
IPI Installations is the team to work for you.


Organisational Strategy

The entire team at IPI Installations is committed to promptness and the sharing of our experience and knowledge in the necessary fields so that the outcome of the project is one with the highest quality of service.

To provide for this dedication and commitment to the long-term success of our company and yours, we have embarked on a path to ensure that high standards and values are layered into each and every aspect of what we do, which will then naturally flow through to your prospective project and ultimately to the future successes of your business.

Both in the past, currently and moving on forward into the future, strategic management decisions that relate directly to the success of our company and by extension yours, have been implemented successfully. This has been a bid to keep our competitive edge by reducing unnecessary operating costs and overheads to the business where possible without affecting the quality and overall end result of your project. This has mostly been achieved by the careful and vigilant focus on cost expenditure, focused project management and most especially, meeting project deadlines.


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